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Ingredients of a capsule: dried cherry fruit juice – 0.1 g; dry extract of cherry fruit – 0.05 g; resveratrol – 0.1 g; lactose, magnesium stearate – up to 0,3 g;

It contributes to the normalization of lipid metabolism and reduces cholesterol in the blood. It has antioxidant properties.

How to use: аdults and children over 12 years: 1-2 capsules 2 times a day.

The recommended period of use: 3-4 weeks. You may refresh the course in case of need. Also consult your doctor before use.

Contraindications: pregnancy and lactation, children under 12-year old, individual hypersensitivity to product components.

Production form: 30 capsules in a blister (10x3), in a package.

Storage: in a dry, dark place, away from children, at temperatures from 0° C to 25° C and relative humidity of not more than 75%.

Shelf life: 24 months.

Price: Ціна: 84.36 uah

It is interesting to know!

One of the major causes of atherosclerosis and other diseases of the cardiovascular system is a poor diet. Therefore, the risk of atherosclerosis can be minimized by enriching the diet with biologically active substances that prevent the formation of atherogenic factors. These substances are antioxidants - natural compounds which are present in food in the form of vitamins, minerals and other substances. Antioxidants help prevent diseases by fighting free radicals which are constantly formed in the human body under the influence of a number of factors, including poor environment, stress, solar radiation and smoking. Free radicals are molecules with an unpaired electron that are normally present in the body in limited quantities. Often, however, under the adverse influences the number of free radicals increases beyond measure, and they gain the ability to destroy the molecules, cells, DNA, causing cell mutation. Injured molecules tend to take an electron from other "full" molecules, resulting in growing the destructive chain reaction, which is the cause of many serious diseases, including atherosclerosis, heart attack, stroke, coronary heart disease. Antioxidants inhibit the oxidation process by neutralizing free radicals. Moreover, these antioxidants also become free radicals, but they are very weak, and do no to the body. In this regard, it is necessary to use the means of antioxidant protection.

The composition of CHERRY-VERT includes dry juice of cherry fruit, dry cherry fruit extract and resveratrol, which have antioxidant properties that help to normalize lipid metabolism and reduce cholesterol in the blood.

Common cherry is a source of powerful natural antioxidants that protect the body against the risk of cardiovascular diseases. It contains organic acids, vitamin C, vitamins of B group, and minerals - potassium, magnesium, fluoride, copper and iron. Cherry strengthens blood vessels, reduces blood pressure, improves metabolic processes in the body, and strengthens the immune system. The high content of folic acid and iron makes it possible to recommend it for anemia. In addition, folic acid along with vitamins prevents the development of hypertension and atherosclerosis. Regular consumption of cherries lowers the risk of diabetes and cancer, saves memory and prevents early aging. The high content of coumarins in the fruit of cherries helps maintain heart health and overall vitality, as well as the normalization of blood clotting and prevention of forming blood clots.

Resveratrol is a protective phenolic compound (phytoalexin) present in the skins and seeds of red grapes, which is synthesized by plants to protect them from extreme temperatures, UV rays and oxidation reactions caused by them, as well as fungal infections. Resveratrol is a plant antioxidant, activity of which is much superior to vitamin E - the most common natural antioxidant. In addition, resveratrol reduces the severity of allergic and inflammatory reactions, normalizes lipid metabolism in the liver, improves the functional state of the vessels: strengthens the vascular wall, reduces capillary permeability, dilates blood vessels, improves oxygen transport to the tissues, reduces the risk of thrombosis, has anti-allergic and immuno-modulatory effects. It is proved that the use of resveratrol from red grape significantly reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and promotes longevity.

CHERRY-VERT—a source of natural antioxidants!

Conclusion of sanitary-hygienic expert examination of Ministry of Health of Ukraine № 05.03.02-04/109085 от 10.11.2011 г. A dietary additive.

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