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Ingredients of a capsule: grape skin extract – 0.05 g; grape seed extract – 0.1 g; resveratrol – 0.1 g; lactose, magnesium stearate – up to 0,3 g;

A dietary additive to the diet – a source of antioxidants (resveratrol, quercetin), vitamins (vitamin С, vitamins of B-group, folic acid), minerals (copper, iron), flavonoids (rutin); to improve the body's defenses and slow the process of premature aging.

How to use: аdults and children over 12 years: 1-2 capsules 2 times a day.

The recommended period of use: 3-4 weeks. You may refresh the course in case of need. Also consult your doctor before use.

Contraindications: pregnancy and lactation, children under 12-year old, obesity, diabetes mellitus, peptic ulcer in the acute stage, individual hypersensitivity to product components.

Production form: 24 capsules in a blister (8x3), in a package.

Storage: in a dry, dark place, away from children, at temperatures from 0° C to 25° C and relative humidity of not more than 75%.

Shelf life: 24 months.

Price: Ціна: 77.50 uah

It is interesting to know!

Doctors have long noticed that the French suffer from cardiovascular disease several times less in comparison with other nations. The death rate from coronary heart disease in France is lower than in other industrialized countries, which are characterized by the same risk factors as for the citizens of France. This phenomenon has been called the "French paradox." Scientists have found that the reason is red dry wine often drunk by the French. This is where a large amount of oxidants was found, which inhibit the formation of free radicals (unstable oxygen molecules, etc.), which damage cell structure and has a devastating effect on the body. Most recently, it has been found out that wine contains a phenolic compound which is present in the skin and seeds of red grapes - resveratrol which is synthesized by plants to protect them from extreme temperatures, UV rays and oxidation reactions caused by them, as well as from fungal infections. Thus, resveratrol is a powerful plant antioxidant.

The whole range of useful features found in grape is contained in GRAPPO-VERT, the components of which include extracts of grape seed and skin, as well as resveratrol.GRAPPO-VERT – is a source of antioxidants (resveratrol, quercetin), vitamins (vitamin C, vitamin B, folic acid), minerals (copper, iron) and flavonoids (rutin). GRAPPO-VERT is used to improve the body's defenses and slow the process of premature aging.

Extracts of grape seed and grape skin contain a record number of proanthocyanids, especially resveratrol - plant phenolic compounds that protect cells from free radical damage, as well as vitamins A, E, C, B group, minerals, bioflavonoids, phytoncides, tannins, polyunsaturated fatty acids and phyto-estrogens. Thanks to these biologically active compounds, extracts of grape seed and skin have a restorative, immune and anti-inflammatory action, significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, have antiplatelet (anti-aggregant) activity, contribute to the improvement of microcirculation, strengthen the walls of blood vessels and increase their elasticity, normalize the glucose and lipid metabolism , improve the nervous and endocrine systems, and help enhance the reproductive function, normalize the balance of estrogen and reduce the risk of osteoporosis, which allows to administer it to women in menopause, and help the removal of toxins from the body, has a hepatoprotective effect, a beneficial effect on the skin, stimulate collagen synthesis , help to rejuvenate the body at the cellular level and to prevent aging.

Resveratrol is a natural phyto-alexin, antioxidant activity of which is much superior to vitamin E - the most common natural antioxidant. In addition, resveratrol reduces the severity of allergic and inflammatory reactions, normalizes lipid metabolism in the liver, improves the functional state of the vessels: strengthens the vascular wall, reduces capillary permeability, dilates blood vessels, improves oxygen transport to the tissues, reduces the risk of thrombosis, has anti-allergic and immuno-modulatory effects. It is proved that the use of resveratrol from red wine significantly reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and promotes longevity.

GRAPPO-VERT — the secret of Your youth!

Conclusion of sanitary-hygienic expert examination of Ministry of Health of Ukraine No. 05.03.02-04/109085 dated 10.11.2011. It is not a drug.

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