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  • Role of the pharmacist and the doctor in preventive medicine

    Presentation: "THE ROLE OF THE PHARMACIST AND THE PHYSICIAN IN PREVENTIVE MEDICINE" by I.A. Zupanets – MD, Professor, Honored Scientist of Ukraine, Head of the Department of Clinical Pharmacology with Pharmaceutical Care.

  • Modern methods of analysis in the quality control of dietary additives

    Product testing is carried out in the QCD of the LLC "Experimental plant "GNCLS" which has 4 laboratories: laboratory of physical and chemical methods of analysis, microbiological laboratory, testing laboratory, analytical laboratory.

  • Quality control of herbal raw material in the manufacture of herbal teas

    Alexandrova D.I., Ph.D., senior chemist of QCD, LLC "Experimental plant "GNCLS", Kharkov

  • Gipertoklin - control your pressure!

    Hypertension (high blood tension) is one of the most widespread chronic diseases of the present days which is found in ј of adults and in 50 % of cases hypertension is a disease of people older than 65 years.

  • "Pantover" will save from chronic fatigue and activate the immune system.

    Among a variety of preventive medicine and there is a unique product – “Pantover” manufactured by “Experimental plant “GNCLS”, Ltd.”." This natural preparation contains pantohematogen, which is obtained from non-ossified horns of young Altai deer- antlers.

  • Chlorophyllin: Add health to yourself

    For many centuries, eucalyptus deservedly got a lot of very flattering epithets: in Australia it is called a "tree of life", "tree of miracles" and "diamond of forests."

  • "Immunity protection”

    Echinacea is one of the most beautiful plants that came to us from the North American continent. Local residents appreciated the healing properties of this prairie flower and widely use it in folk medicine today as they did centuries ago.

  • “Stop Heartburn”

    Diseases of gastro-intestinal tract are the most common ones. Often, they become chronic, necessitate burdensome diets that drastically affect the quality of life.

  • Stomatoklin

    Stomatitis are common, but their correct diagnosis is difficult.

  • A new look at old diseases

    Modern everyday life is rich in stress states, and the chance to acquire stress has steadily increased due to rapid environmental changes, chronic fatigue, complicated personal relationships and tense psychological situation which occur more often now.

  • Biologically Active Additives (BAAs)? That's just the thing!

    BAAs are concentrates of natural nutritional and biologically active substances derived from food raw material of animal.