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“Pharmaceutical company “Vertex”, Ltd”

“Pharmaceutical company “Vertex”, Ltd” was founded in 2000. Today it is one of the leading Ukrainian pharmaceutical companies producing dietary additives and preventives. of dietary additives and preventives in collaboration with “Experimental factory “GNCLS”, Ltd”. They are produced on the base of natural raw materials of herb, animal and mineral origin. The recipes of traditional folk medicine are laid into the basis of many preparations, some preparations are original developments protected by patents. The range of products is constantly enlarged and for today it makes up more than 100 names of preparations of different forms: pills, capsules, extracts, oils, creams, fibre and phyto-suppositories, teas and herb.



More than 100 names of preparations of different forms


“Pharmaceutical company “Vertex”, Ltd”

“Pharmaceutical company “Vertex” was created so that daily care of your body is as simple and affordable as possible, so that having spent just a few minutes a day, you could replenish the reserves of vitamins, minerals and essential trace elements.

The natural origin of all components guarantees excellent digestibility of drugs, regularly taking them, you sign a long-term contract with health, preventing the occurrence of ailments, getting rid of them.

It is made from selected raw materials produced in environmentally friendly conditions

Minimum side effects and contraindications

Reimburse the micronutrient deficiency in the body

An additional source of vitamins and minerals

Strengthens the immune system

Production Quality

Maintaining control and defining quality of the dietary additives manufactured by the “Pharmaceutical company “Vertex”, Ltd” is carried out in a certified laboratory “Experimental factory “GNCLS”, Ltd.”, which consists of 4 laboratories

A laboratory of a physical-chemical method of analysis

An experimental laboratory

A microbiological laboratory

An analytical laboratory

We guarantee

100% input control of raw materials

Finished product quality monitoring

Multistage control at all stages of the process

The factory has a Certificate of quality control system ISO 9001:2009 and a Certificate of ecology control system ISO 14001:2006. We also introduced a system of food safety management based on the conception of HACCP.

Contract manufacturing

One of the activities of Pharmaceutical company “Vertex” Ltd , in addition to the production of its own products, is contract manufacturing. The main goal is the production of highly qualified product for the customer, for which a complete package of documentation is provided.

We offer our potential customers:

Production at the company's capacities

Complete Production Cycle

Separate Production Operations

Compliance to all standards, specifications and customer requirements

Our Capabilities:

Uncoated tablets

Capsules: hard gelatin capsule (size “0”), soft gelatin capsule


Oils, gels


Types of Packaging: blister foil + PVC, laminated paper, bottle

Processing of  vegetable raw materials: grinding any fraction

Mix: crushing – mixing – packing

Aromatize: crushing – mixing – aromatization – packing

We pack bulk materials in a bottle: PET, bags, filter bags and sachets


Essential oils