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about us

“Pharmaceutical company “Vertex”, Ltd” was founded in 2000. Today it is one of the leading Ukrainian pharmaceutical companies producing dietary additives and preventives. Strengthening and preserving your health is our mission.

The main lines of our activity
The main lines of the activity of the company are the development and manufacture of dietary additives and preventives in collaboration with “Experimental factory “GNCLS”, Ltd”. They are produced on the base of natural raw materials of herb, animal and mineral origin. The recipes of traditional folk medicine are laid into the basis of many preparations, some preparations are original developments protected by patents. The range of products is constantly enlarged and for today it makes up more than 100 names of preparations of different forms: pills, capsules, extracts, oils, creams, fibre and phyto-suppositories, teas and herb.

Production Quality
Priority is traditionally given to the question of quality of the manufactured products. Maintaining control and defining quality of the special food products (dietary additives) manufactured by the “Pharmaceutical company “Vertex”, Ltd” is carried out in a certified laboratory “Experimental factory “GNCLS”, Ltd.” (Attestation Certificate № 100-2602/2007 dated 08 August 2007). The system of preparation and organization of manufacturing process, introduction of new technologies, modern control-and-analytical equipment allow the company to be sure in quality, efficiency and safety of manufactured preparations. Today the department of quality of the factory consists of 4 laboratories: a laboratory of a physical-chemical method of analysis, a microbiological laboratory, an experimental laboratory, an analytical laboratory. The laboratories of the department of quality of the “Experimental factory “GNCLS”, Ltd.” are certified by the State Service for remedies and products of medical purpose. The factory has a Certificate of quality control system ISO 9001:2009 and a Certificate of ecology control system ISO 14001:2006. We also introduced a system of food safety management based on the conception of HACCP. Specialists of Experimental factory “GNCLS”, Ltd together with employees of the “Pharmaceutical company “Vertex”, Ltd” maintain control of all the stages of producing preparations – from the stage of checking that raw materials conform the standard technical documentation to manufacturing and output of ready-made preparations. Some types of raw material and sorts of plants and herbs are delivered from ecologically clean areas of Mountain Altai and Caucasus. In the process of manufacturing special regimes of processing are used that allow to preserve maximal amount of natural biologically active substances of raw material and transfer them into the finished products.

Elaboration and manufacturing of dietary additives and preventives is done in close collaboration with National Pharmaceutical University of Ukraine, Institute of Raising Qualification of Pharmacy Specialists, State Pharmacopoeia Committee and Institute of Pharmacology.